Join wildway bushcraft on the river spey

Ever dreamed of really, really getting away from it all? There’s a chance to do just that with our expedition along the river Spey.  This trip runs for five days and travels from Loch Insh to Spey Bay in the Scottish highlands. Each night, you will camp out, under the stars, on the river bank, next to the warm glow of the fire.

Read on to learn more about this amazing trip.

Canoe the river Spey

From Loch Insh to Spey Bay

This amazing trip begins in the beautiful Loch Insh.  This stunning Highland loch, seven miles south of Aviemore.  From here the river Spey flows another 60 miles (97km) to the Moray Firth at Spey Bay. We travel this route over five days, the paddling is largely relaxed and our expert guides will be on hand to help you through any sections of fast water. Most of all though, this is a fantastic opportunity to travel some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside.


Join our river Spey trip

Camp out under the stars 

Each night on the trip you will camp out along the riverside. Sleep under the stars, next to the crackle of the fire and the rush of the river. What better way to truly get away from it all? After a night sleeping under the stars you will wake, not to the ring of an alarm clock or the bustle of the daily commute but to the sounds and sights of the remote Scottish Highlands. If you are looking to escape the city, to break from the grind of daily work life then there is nothing better than spending time in nature. 


Canoe under the spey

Spot some spectacular wildlife 

As you paddle down the Spey, you are in with a chance of spotting some of the UK’s most incredible wildlife. If you are very lucky, then you might see an Osprey.  These beautiful black and white birds are incredible fish-hunters, plunging talon first into the cold waters. They winter in West Africa and can cover up to 5,000 miles in their migration. In addition to the beautiful Ospreys, the river Spey is home to Atlantic Salmon, Eurasian Otters, and Grey Seals. There is even the chance to spot Bottlenose Dolphins in Spey Bay. Find out more about the wildlife that you might spot on the river Spey in our blog here


You don’t need to be an experienced paddler 

While some paddling experience is desired, it is not essential. Our expert canoeists will give some basic paddling tuition before you begin your journey, giving you a chance to get to grips with the techniques and principals of canoeing.  All safety equipment will be provided, but feel free to bring your own buoyancy aid, should you have one.






Join wildway bushcraft on the river spey

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