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At Wildway Bushcraft, we firmly believe that that bushcraft is about more than just survival. Our wilderness living and bushcraft courses held in beautiful woodland on the Dorset/Hampshire border teach much more than how to build a shelter.

Our passionate and knowledgable instructors help you to develop a deep understanding of the woods, to respect nature and to know how best to use it to your advantage. We work with you to develop your skills so that living in the woods is not a matter of simply surviving, but thriving.  After all, a true student of bushcraft is never uneasy in the woods, why would they be? It is their natural environment.

Read on to learn more about a few of the bushcraft courses that we offer at Wildway Bushcraft

Sharpen your bushcraft axe


Foundation in Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Living Course Level 2
– Weekend Bushcraft Course. (IOL Accredited Course).

This IOL Accredited Course covers all the basics of bushcraft and wilderness living. It is a great course for those who are just starting their bushcraft journey. Those who might be a little further along and just benefit from refining their skills will also take a lot from this course.

Shelter autumn


Foundation in Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Living Level 2
– Assessment. (IOL Accredited Course)

Having completed your Level 2 course you have a chance to take your assessment. If you are successful in this assessment then you will be awarded the Foundation in Bushcraft Skills and Wilderness Living Course – Level 2. This course will be fully certified by Wildway Bushcraft. It is accredited with IOL. This will prove you have undertaken a professional and high standard course and assessment within the area of Bushcraft and Wilderness Living.


Intermediate Course

Our intermediate bushcraft course is aimed at those who want to take their skills to the next level. Running over a week, this course enables you to experience true wilderness living. Our highly skilled instructors will work with you on advanced bushcraft techniques and expand on your knowledge of traditional skills. 

friction fire lighting from Wildway bushcraft


Women Only One Day Course

This elementary bushcraft course enables women to learn, practice and perfect traditional bushcraft skills in a single-sex environment. Whilst this course is taught by male instructors we are mindful to ensure that participants get the benefit of a women-only learning environment. 


More amazing courses 

That is just a handful of the courses on offer. Click here to see our full range of courses. From Stag Dos to Family Bushcraft Courses or incredible canoeing expeditions – we have something for everyone at Wildway Bushcraft.




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