Special  Collaboration Course – With Jamie Dakota from Howl Bushcraft


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Special  Collaboration Course – With Jamie Dakota from Howl Bushcraft

15 – 17th Sep 2023


Sourcing your own food becomes a key area of interest when looking to live off the land. Where foraging plays a role in our other courses, here we’ve set up a dedicated course to look at ethical hunting with an air rifle in the UK. Spend the weekend with us and learn to safely use sub 12-ft lb air rifles to acquire small game, and the bushcraft skills required to process and cook in the wild.

An important note: Due to the nature of running courses, we will not be shooting live quarry during the weekend.

During our bushcraft courses small game may be provided as part of the food provision, we take pride in sourcing our meat in what we feel to be as ethical a way possible. In mind of this ethos, we crafted this course. It may be a daunting prospect to start out in hope of securing some of your diet from hunted game, but it is our belief that this admirable goal should be accessible to anyone.

Hunting with sub-12 ft lb air rifles is perfectly within reach for most people, and the pairing with bushcraft makes for a well-rounded skill set that was very common not too long along. Our course aims to be unique in teaching you the skills to safely stalk and hunt small game species, alongside the bushcraft required to process small game and stay practically in the woods while hunting. The small game species of pigeon, squirrel and rabbit form the backbone of bushcraft cookery in the UK and can then lead onto making use of furs and other craft skills.
After time spent honing your skills on the woodland range we will take you through some unique simulated stalks, testing your skills against different quarry.

The aim of this course is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding, and awareness of airgun hunting techniques.


Air Rifle Skills
The Law including permissions
Safety & Rifle handling and carrying
Basic shooting positions
Quarry ID, behaviour and ecology
Range Judging
Static vs. stalking techniques
Reactions to shot
Practical marksmanship
Bushcraft Skills
Stalking and walking quietly through differing environments
Nature awareness
Cookery techniques
Tool selection and safe use
Saw, and knife: we’ll be providing all the tools and materials for the course. If you’d like to bring your own you’re very welcome, but please respect our decision if we suggest you use our tools instead.
Cutting techniques: Using the saw and knife you’ll learn the foundational cutting techniques for easy and efficient woodcrafts including making tent pegs, cooking pot hangers and feather-sticks
Tarp skills, knots, and getting set up for a night in the woods as we look at ways to improve your comfort and longevity when camping under the tarp.
Critical fire lighting skills to ensure you can light a fire no matter the weather
Preparing and cooking meals outdoors, and the importance of maintaining a campfire
Including how to prepare game (inc. rabbit, squirrel, pigeon) for cooking over the fire.
3pm Friday – 4.30pm Sunday
There is the option of wild-camping in the woods with us during the course, if you’d like to do so you’ll just need to bring your usual camping gear.
£295 per person
Small group size with a maximum of 8 guests to ensure we create a subtle atmosphere in the woods, and you get a very high interaction time with the instructor.
PLEASE NOTE: This course includes the use of fire arms, as air rifles are deemed in UK legislation, and as such you will be require to sign declarations after booking to state that you are in a legal position to do so. You will not be allow to attend the course if you cannot fulfil the declaration. If you have any questions do email us.

A full kit list is given out on booking warm clothing.

This course is fully catered starting with an evening meal on the Friday, and finishing with lunch on Sunday. Please inform us of any dietary requirements, we're happy to cater to any needs.

Due the involved nature of this course, we don't feel its suitable to under 16 year olds (please ask if you have any questions)


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