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Women Only One Day Bushcraft Course

This women only bushcraft course enables women to learn, practice and hone their bushcraft skills in a single-sex environment. Whilst this course is taught by male instructors we are mindful to ensure that participants get the benefit of a women-only learning environment.  

A great way to gain bushcraft skills

Our women only bushcraft course is a great way to dip your toes into the world of bushcraft and survival skills. It is a fantastic way to whet your appetite and put you on the right path to gaining some beginner bushcraft skills which you can then build on.

What you will learn

This women only bushcraft course covers all of the basic skills you will need. You will learn how to make fire without matches or a lighter, build a shelter and forage for food.

You will prepare your own lunch and cook it over an open fire which you will have built by yourself.

Whilst in the woods our bushcraft instructors will guide you through safe tool use and give you the skills to carve simple items you will need in the woods, once you have this knowledge you will be able to lighten your load and carry less. Just like the old saying goes, knowledge weighs nothing!

Where does it take place?

The course will be held in our woods in either Dorset or Hampshire and allow you to have loads of hands-on time so you can practice and really get to grips with the skills you are being taught.

Like all our bushcraft and survival courses this women only bushcraft course is held in a friendly and relaxed environment and our bushcraft instructors are always happy to answer any questions or spend time one to one throughout the day if that suits you.

So why not join us in the woods, learn some new skills and start your bushcraft adventure!

Want something more?

If you fancy something a bit longer, then look at our weekend bushcraft course. If you want to see what others thought of our courses, visit our TripAdvisor page.



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28 June 20, 26 Sep 20


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