Bushcraft for Schools

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Bushcraft programmes for schools specially designed and run by Wildway Bushcraft.

Wildway Bushcraft runs specially designed bushcraft programmes for school kids. Our bespoke bushcraft courses for schools help children get a basic understanding of bushcraft, and experience nature and the natural world in a safe, fun and educational way.

What activities are involved?

Our bushcraft for schools courses are tailored to your requirements and are adapted based on the ages of the children involved and the size of the group. However, activities that you expect include:

  • Fire lighting
    Learn how to light fires in a safe and relaxed environment. Practice different fire lighting methods and understand how fire is created and how it can be safely managed.
  • Shelter building
    Practice building shelters in the woods using just natural materials. Develop an understanding of the woods and learn how to use natural materials without damaging the trees.
  • Campfire cooking
    Practice cooking simple meals over a campfire.
  • Tree identification
    Learn the names and uses of some trees commonly found in the UK woods.

When it comes to bushcraft for schools, we can craft our courses to suit the needs of your school pupils.

Bushcraft courses for children
Bushcraft for schools programmes from Wildway Bushcraft
How much does a school bushcraft course cost?

Our bushcraft for schools courses are tailored to your individual needs and the size of the group; as such our prices vary on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today to learn more about prices and course content.

What are the benefits of bushcraft for school children?

Bushcraft increases the connection between children and nature; nurturing greater respect for the natural world upon which we all depend. Being outdoors and connected to nature increases children’s levels of physical activity, it has also been shown to increase children’s personal and social skills.

Experience of the outdoors and wild adventure space has the potential to confer a wide range of benefits on young people… Development of a positive self-image, confidence in one’s abilities and experience of dealing with uncertainty can be important in helping young people face the wider world and develop enhanced social skills.”

(Ward Thompson et al, 2006)

About Wildway Bushcraft

John Boe founded Wildway Bushcraft in 2008. John attended his first survival course whilst in the Scouts at the age of 12 and has not looking back since. He join the age of 18 and has lucky to be part of expeditions in the Austrian Alps, the Kuwaiti desert, Norway, and the Highlands of Scotland allowing him to test his Bushcraft and Survival skills in a variety of environments.

John left the forces in 2008 and settled in Dorset with his young family. He continued his Bushcraft and Survival studies in the civilian world. John holds the Survival School NCFE Level 4 Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness living skills qualification The Survival School NCFE Level 3 in Extreme Survival, The Survival School NCFE Level 3 in Foraging, The Survival School NCFE Level 3 in Primitive Crafts and The Survival School NCFE Level 3 in Tracking. As well as this John is also a British Canoe Union (BCU) 4-Star Canoe Leader and Paddlesport Coach.  Read on to find out more about Wildway Bushcraft.

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