purify water in the UK

How to Source and Purify Water When Outdoors in the UK

Sourcing and purifying water when on a long canoe trip or out…
December 13, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Canoe the river Spey

Packing for a Long Canoe Trip: What to Take and What to Leave

There is little better than getting away from it all and paddling…
December 5, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Learn how to prevent hypothermia this winter

Hypothermia – Signs, Prevention and What to Do When on the Trail

Hypothermia can be a killer out on the trail. It arises when…
November 28, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Responsible bushcraft

Foraging and Tree Identification in Winter

In this week’s blog post we will be looking at plant and tree…
November 21, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Winter fire lighting

Lighting a Fire in the Winter: Tips for UK Bushcraft and Camping

In this week’s blog post we will look at fire lighting in winter.…
November 13, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Predicting the weather in the UK Cumulus and cirrostratus

Suntan Lotion or Raincoats – How to Read the UK Weather

In this week’s blog post we’re going to show you how to predict…
November 7, 2017/by Tom Bowen
char cloth, fire, Steel striker and flint

Char Cloth, Vaseline and Other Alternative Fire lighting Means

In our mind there is little better than sitting around a campfire;…
October 31, 2017/by Tom Bowen
bow drill a beginners guide

Bow Drills: A Beginners Guide to Making and Using One in the UK

Welcome to this week’s blog post. This week we’re taking…
October 24, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Friction fire lighting UK

Friction Fire Lighting in the UK – an Introduction

Friction fire lighting might be one of the most important bushcraft…
October 17, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Fire lighting in the wind and rain with Wildway Bushcraft

Lighting a Fire in Wind and Rain: Tips, Tricks and Cotton Wool

Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at fires, fire lighting…
October 10, 2017/by Tom Bowen
UK Bushcraft campfire cooking from Wildway Bushcraft

How to Cook for the Camp: An Intro to Eating Well Outdoors

Cooking for several people while at camp can be difficult task…
October 3, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Tarp and Hammock set up from Wildway Bushcraft Bushcraft in the UK

Tarp Set Ups for Solo Campers and Couples: What You Need to Know

Tarps are a lightweight and extremely versatile alternative to…
September 26, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Weekend Bushcraft Course

Organisation in Bushcraft and Camping: Fire, Food and Hygiene

Organising your camp, whether you’re practising bushcraft,…
September 19, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Should you attempt to light a fire in winter

Where to Camp? Tips for Tents and Shelters in the UK

How to choose the best place to build a shelter? What makes a…
September 12, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal Charcoal has a huge variety of uses, from purifying…
June 25, 2017/by John

River Spey Wildlife

Our next big expedition of 2017 will be the River Spey Bushcraft…
March 28, 2017/by John

Bushcraft Kit – 10 Items to always take with you.

Bushcraft Kit Now, I have been guilty of a never ending collection…
November 23, 2016/by John
bushcraft axe

Looking after your axe

It isn’t just enough to have the right tools for bushcraft,…
July 26, 2016/by John
natural navigation

Natural navigation

These days we tend to rely on using maps and technology to help…
June 17, 2016/by John
Toilet roll

Pooing in the woods

When you are out in the woods, you cannot rely on there being…
June 6, 2016/by John
Gadgets GPS

Surviving without gadgets

Could you survive out in the woods without any gadgets? What…
June 1, 2016/by John
Knife safety for children

Bushcraft knife safety for children

As a rule knives and children don't mix. But a knife is an important…
May 30, 2016/by John
Half-term bushcraft fun

Half-term bushcraft fun

It’s half-term coming up and there are lots of fantastic bushcraft…
May 27, 2016/by John
Knife safety

Knife safety tips

Being able to safely use a knife for bushcraft and survival tasks…
May 23, 2016/by John
Animal tracking

Animal tracking

Animal tracking is a fascinating way to study wildlife and a…
May 8, 2016/by John
bushcraft in spring - nettles

Bushcraft in spring

After the harshness of winter, spring provides a welcome change.…
March 1, 2016/by John
Leave no trace after camp fire is finished

Leave without a trace

One of the most important skills of bushcraft, is to leave no…
January 20, 2016/by John
Bushcraft and survival school

Tips for choosing a bushcraft and survival school

There are many bushcraft and survival schools offering a variety…
January 5, 2016/by John
Deciduous trees

Ten deciduous trees to look out for

Without their leaves, deciduous trees can be tricky to identify…
December 25, 2015/by John
Deciduous trees in winter

Guide to identifying deciduous trees

As some trees shed their leaves during the autumn and winter…
December 23, 2015/by John
Winter bushcraft

Winter bushcraft

Here at Wildway Bushcraft we are always keen to encourage everyone…
December 3, 2015/by John
Bushcraft stag do

Getting to grips with the longbow

If you have ever fancied unleashing your inner Robin Hood, why…
November 28, 2015/by John
Bow drill ember

Bow drill troubleshooting

The bow drill method of friction fire lighting is one of the…
November 15, 2015/by John
bushcraft axe

What to look for in a bushcraft axe

An axe is a popular and useful tool for bushcraft and is generally…
October 19, 2015/by John
Autumn foraging Hawthorn

Plants to forage this Autumn

At Wildway Bushcraft we enjoy the changing of seasons, especially…
September 3, 2015/by John
bushcraft a family guide

Bushcraft: A family guide

If you want to learn more about what outdoor adventures you can…
July 8, 2015/by John
Responsible bushcraft

Responsible Bushcraft

If you have caught the bushcraft bug and keen to get outside and set…
May 27, 2015/by John
Bushcraft items

Top 10 Bushcraft Items

When you are going on a bushcraft trip, whether it’s a short…
May 12, 2015/by John

Autumn Foraging

We all have the capacity to feed ourselves from our natural environment…
May 3, 2015/by John
Seashore Foraging

Seashore Foraging

Seashore foraging is the art of finding food on the beach. As…
January 29, 2015/by John
Winter fire lighting

Bushcraft Canoe Expedition

Week-long canoeing trips - the next step in your bushcraft adventures Most…
January 19, 2015/by John

Bear Blades Forest 3 Review

A while ago I was asked to be part of the test team for Bear…
October 7, 2014/by John

UK Knife Law

It is important to know and understand the current laws on buying…
September 4, 2014/by John

Bushcraft weather skills

One thing that we definitely have in the UK is weather - and…
August 27, 2014/by John
Bushcraft fire

Bushcraft Vs Survival

What’s the difference? Many places offer bushcraft and survival…
July 15, 2014/by John

Natural Cordage

Natural cordage is both vital to survival skills and a satisfying…
July 1, 2014/by John

DD Tarp Review

I often get asked about what kit I use when running bushcraft…
May 28, 2014/by John

How to skin and butcher a rabbit

On our Bushcraft courses we teach game preparation and get students…
May 19, 2014/by John


Who doesn’t want to believe they could survive in the wild?…
May 14, 2014/by John

Friction Fire Lighting

An essential survival skill and a great learning experience Four…
May 1, 2014/by John

Feather Sticks

In the bushcraft world, fire is one of the main things people…
April 24, 2014/by John

Bushcraft Bannock Bread

Coming from the Gaelic bannach, bonnach or bhannag meaning 'morsel',…
April 17, 2014/by John
fire skills

Bushcraft Fire Skills

To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything…
March 6, 2014/by John

Who would have thought teaching could be so fun!

So it's been busy busy busy here! I had my first bushcraft teaching…
March 4, 2014/by John

First trip of the year

Last weekend I took my first trip out of the new year and ventured…
March 4, 2014/by John