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Indoor Bushcraft- 5 Things To Do Right Now

This is a tricky time for all of us, we are doing the right thing by staying home and staying safe. Only venturing out once a day for your daily exercise can feel so alien when you are used to spending most of your time out in the woods or away on expedition like the team here. So we thought we’d share a few tips and give you 5 things to do right now during this lockdown period to stay busy, stay focused and stay positive. A sort of indoor bushcraft so to speak!

We are all missing the great outdoors and the adventures that we were supposed to be away on right now but lets look at how you can still be doing bushcraft and adventure related stuff at home.

1. Sharpening Tools-Bushcraft axe

Knives and axes are both essential parts of bushcraft kit. A blunt tool is going to make your life more difficult when out in the woods, and a badly maintained tool is a dangerous tool.

So use this time to go through and assess your tools. Are they safe? Are they in full working order? Take this time to sharpen the blade, strop the blade too if needed, then ensure the blade is dry before putting it away to avoid rust.

Assess the handle too, it maybe in need of some TLC. Oiling the wooden handles of your tools will help with their strength and longevity and keep them safe and effective to use.

Also take a look at the protective sheath too, if it is leather give it an oil to keep it supple and strong which will keep your blade protected and ensure the longevity of your tools.

2. Sort Out Your Kit-

Make the use of this time to pull out all of your kit, and I mean all of it. Take a good look at each item, does it need some maintenance? Do you actually use it or is just taking up valuable space?

Also look at how you store your kit and pack your kit too. Sometimes life can be so busy between work, family and heading off on adventures that taking the time to properly sort and store kit is less of a priority, but now is the time to do it. Kit that needs maintenance leave out and carry out some repairs on each piece. This is also a great time to waterproof wet weather kit too, even if it doesn’t look too warn, use this time to get another waterproof layer on, you’ll be glad of it next winter.

3. New Kit-

A favourite subject of the team, new kit! Everyone loves getting new kit but no one likes buying duff kit or being ripped off. So use this time to work out what you actually need then research the product, speak to friends who use the kit and read plenty of reviews. A perfect indoor bushcraft job!

4. Expand Your Knowledge-

It’s always good to expand your knowledge and update your skills, no matter how long you’ve been doing bushcraft.

There are some great books and online resources so you can read up on most elements of bushcraft. Whether it’s improving your plant identification, updating your navigation knowledge or learning more about water filtration, then now is a great time to expand your knowledge.

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5. Practice Your Skills-

OK, so this one is a bit more limiting in this current situation of lockdown, but there are still some skills that can be practised in your own home. Obviously if you have garden then there will be skills you can practice outside such as firelighting and tarp set ups. But inside you can still practice your carving skills, work on your map reading and navigation knowledge as well as practising natural cordage.

So stay positive, practice your skills as much as you can, expand your knowledge and plan your next adventures.

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