Bushcraft items

Top 10 Bushcraft Items

Top 10 Bushcraft Items 

When you are going on a bushcraft trip, whether it’s a short or long trip, a well packed basic kit is absolutely essential. You will be reliant on your kit for the whole trip so you will want it to be good quality, durable and have everything you need. Here are our top 10 bushcraft items.

Bushcraft kit essentials

Here are our top 10 bushcraft items things to carry on a bushcraft trip:

A good knife is one of the most crucial items that you can take with you. The uses of a knife for bushcraft are endless and it’s best to take a knife with a fixed blade as they are more durable. Last year we reviewed the Bear Blades Forest 3 knife and it is now our preferred every day knife. Before going out with a knife, make sure you know about the knife law.  

 A folding saw is a very useful tool to have in your kit. It takes up very little space and along with a knife you can do everything that an axe can do and often more efficiently and quicker. bushcraft saw

Taking a first aid kit with you is essential, whether you are going on a short or long trip. A good first aid kit should include plasters, scissors, tweezers, antibacterial wipe, dressings, thermometer, surgical gloves, safety light and burn treatments.

 Whatever the weather, you will want to take a sleeping bag with you. It’s surprising how cold the nights can get when sleeping outside. Make sure that you’ve checked that you can fit comfortably into your sleeping bag and move around.

You will need a metal cooking pot as part of your kit. You will want to get something big enough but still light and easy to carry over long distances. It’s worth considering getting a pot that’s wide and tall as it provides a better distribution of heat and can be used as a frying pan. You may also want to get a cooking pot with a handle to make it easier to use.

DD 3x3 Tarp
DD 3×3 Tarp

Most tarpaulins are very lightweight, versatile and will take up minimum space in your bag. With a tarpaulin you get more room than you do with a tent. It can shelter you from the rain and wind, especially if you are sleeping on the ground. They can also be used with poles as an emergency stretcher if needed.

Suitable waterproof clothing is a must. Carry a waterproof jacket or coat even if you think the weather will be dry. Good walking boots are also important. You may be doing a lot of walking in bad weather and you need to be comfortable and safe, especially if you are going to be carrying a heavy backpack.

Fire steel is a fire-lighting tool and capable of producing a shower of very hot sparks, enough to create a fire. It is one of the most reliable methods of lighting a fire outside. fire steels

It is important to get a good quality backpack to carry all your kit and it’s worth spending a little more money on a bag to avoid having to replace it too soon. The size of the bag will depend on how much kit you want to carry. Side pockets are handy for quick easy access to items that you will want to use regularly.

Last but by no means least in out list of top 10 bushcraft items is a water bottle is an essential item to take with you. Make sure it is strong and water tight. Avoid trying to carry all your water from the start of the trip as your bag will be too heavy, just make sure you refill often.

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