Is Bushcraft Becoming More Popular?

It’s easy to get used to the luxuries of modern life – fresh water at just the turn of a tap, heat at the touch of a button, food in abundance delivered right to your door.

But what would you do if there wasn’t water from the tap? Or heat from a radiator? And what if food from a supermarket or take-away wasn’t an option? What then? Would you know what to do?

Well it raises the question – shouldn’t we all have bushcraft skills?

So what ever your reason to learn, maybe we all need to up our knowledge and gain some extra skills. And there are many reasons to do this.

Maybe you are looking to get out there and re-connect with nature, to understand the natural environment better, to get to grips with the elements and truly live. Or if you are planning a big trip that takes you away from civilisation and to experience life more off grid, do you have the skills to fall back on if needed? Or maybe you are joining an expedition, heading off to incredible areas, setting yourself a big physical challenge?

Whatever your reason, make sure you’ve got the skills to thrive, not just survive.

And this is why bushcraft is becoming so popular.…again. People are starting to realise that our everyday life is packed to the brim with convenience. And on many levels that makes us truly lucky and privileged, and for that we should be grateful of course. But we also need to make sure that through the comforts of modern life that we as a nation don’t lose those important skills, the basic skills that can keep us alive in so many different settings and situations. 

Understanding and tapping into our natural environment – in a sustainable way – understanding what nature has to offer and being in tune with the seasons is something that the human race is losing grip of. 

Too many people spend most of their lives inside. Unaware of how incredibly empowering it can be to know how to survive out in nature – without a cafe or hotel insight. But as time passes on, with more and more generations being unaware of such skills, this will end up leaving the majority in an uneasy vulnerable position, being wholly reliant on tech and modern living. 

Even in our comfy cosy modern world things don’t always go to plan. Things can still be unpredictable. And hopefully, there are still many people keen to connect with the marvels of the natural world

Let’s face it, if you are heading off on a cool trip with your mates, exploring great places with your family or are lucky enough to own some land allowing you to live a little more simply and more off grid – having a great base of bushcraft knowledge and skills will make the whole situation far safer and more enjoyable. 

And it seems many more people are clocking on to this, with the rise in people getting stuck into the wonderful world of bushcraft, returning to more basic ways of living or so that they are better equipped for great adventures, it seems the tides are turning…for the better. 

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