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Pooing in the woods

When you are out in the woods, you cannot rely on there being toilets close enough for you to use. It is inevitable, especially when camping for at least a couple of days, that at some point you will have to go to the toilet in the woods.


Before you head out to the woods, if it is likely that you will need the toilet while you are there, consider your diet in the days running up to your camping trip. A diet rich in fibre and staying well hydrated for at least two days before you set off is recommended.

When you arrive at the campsite, think about where would be best for you to go to the toilet. Have a look around and when you find a suitable area, you might want to dig your hole now before it gets dark later on. You must make sure that the toilet site you choose is also a good distance from footpaths and water sources.

Going to the toilet

Weeing in the woods is quite straightforward. All you need to have to do is walk at least 20 steps from where you are camping and find a tree or bush to wee against or behind. If you intend to use a toilet site often, you might want to select an area further away from your camp.

Going to the toilet outdoors has now been made a little easier for women, thanks to the arrival of female urinals. They come in a variety of different shapes and styles and have become increasing popular with women for camping.

Pooing in the woods is a little more complex and often worries people. Some people think that it is really important to carry everything you brought into the woods, back out again with you, especially if the area is used by many people. In reality, this means bagging and storing poo until you get back to civilisation. This can be done with a combination of dog poo bags or nappy sacks and also good quality freezer bags which work well for this job too.

Some people prefer to take a trowel with them and dig a small but deep hole to relieve themselves into. Poo in the hole, then bury everything under a good layer of earth. However some people think that buried poo and toilet paper will decompose, so you might prefer to cover up the poo with a good thick clump of leaves when you have finished.

When you are all done, you can burn the dirty toilet paper with a gas lighter or some matches.

Leave no trace

As we always say, after you’ve been enjoying the great outdoors, always make sure you leave no trace that you have been there. The key thing to remember is that other people will no doubt be using the area that you have been using. So make sure the area is clear and any areas that you have used for toileting are clear of any poo or it has all been well covered.


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