Bushcraft coffee

Bushcraft Coffee

Bushcraft Coffee

If there is one thing that makes campfire bushcraft coffee taste even better, it’s drinking it in the woods. Coffee made over the campfire just tastes so much better. Here at Wildway we have perfected the art of making our coffee over the fire with nothing but a billy can. No need for anything fancy, no presses, grinders or filter papers. Simple.

First off make sure you have bought a good brand of coffee in to the woods in the first place. We were sent afree sample by Rave and boy was it good. We had not heard of these guys before but they are UK based company that ethically source coffee from around the world. They also seem very keen on the environment with the no nonsense packaging which is a massive plus for us. You could do a lot worse than giving them a try. I am working my way though their range as we speak. Anyway on to the process.

So once you have got your coffee sorted lets get this bad boy made.

Step 1

Empty the coffee into the billy can, one large spoonful for each person and one for the pot is how I measure it out. At this stage I should add that the best ground for this is espresso but it’s not the end of the world.

Step 2

Warm the grounds over the campfire, this really adds to the flavour. Don’t burn them or it will taste like bitter.

Step 3

Add cold water into the warm billy can.

Step 4

Bring to the boil, until you can see the coffee start to bubble around the edges.

Step 5

Remove from the heat and stir with a hand carved spoon or a stick!

Step 6

Gently tap the side of the can allowing the coffee grounds to settle.

Step 7

Add sugar and milk to taste. Black and one sugar if best!


There you go simple campfire bushcraft coffee, so next time you head to the woods keep it simple and give this a go you never know it might change your world, or at least give you less to carry!

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  1. Barry Rowles says:

    Never heard of preheating, plan to give it a try.Loved your logical common sense approach to leave no trace. Pre lockdown i ran non profit bushcraft workshops for adults and young people. I am 77 years old with most of those years in outdoor pusuits.spent time in navy as engineering officer and time in paras.most certificates obsolete.Considering a weekend course with your company to help structure my approach . Could you send dates of any planned weekends you are considering under current restraints.

    1. Hi Barry, all the dates for the courses are online. We plan to start running them in March.

      Thanks for your comment!

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