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Super Weekend Course

Super Weekend Course


I had an awesome weekend away recently with Wildway Bushcraft!
John and the team were fantastic teachers. They were friendly, always happy to answer questions and to go the extra mile. John and Tom were even willing to stay behind after the course had ended to teach me and another student how to make a friction fire!
I’d set myself the goal this year to get a fire going using the bow drill method, but felt that I needed someone to teach me face to face… I’d never seen someone do it apart from on TV shows/Youtube clips and Ray Mears makes it look way too simple!

I’m still smiling weeks later whenever I think about making my first friction fire! I can’t believe how much we did and how much I learned! We skinned rabbits, prepared pigeons and freshly caught rainbow trout – these were our dinners on Friday and Saturday night, and lunch on Saturday. Cooked over the camp fire. Breakfast was bannock. I’d never made this before, but it was really tasty. Looking forward to experimenting with some recipes now.

We learned how to forage, how to make traps, how to make fire with friction, fire steel, and flint and steel. John also demonstrated a few other ways to make fire.

We learned how to build different shelters. 3 of us worked on this shelter, and I was so impressed with it I had to spend the Saturday night sleeping in it.

All the skills I learned I’ve been able to take home and I can’t wait to share them with others.

The atmosphere around camp was great. I turned up knowing no-one, but right away the sessions got us working together. I had a fantastic time, and left wishing I had more time to chat to friends I’d made!

Will Hince

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