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What the Woods Mean to Wildway Bushcraft

In this blog, we share the following video from Flint and Pine in which John Boe, founder of Wildway Bushcraft, talks about what bushcraft and being in the woods means to him.

What the woods and bushcraft mean to John

Learn to live in the woods

Learn to live in the woods on our intermediate bushcraft course

This year, Wildway Bushcraft are offering an intermediate bushcraft course. This course gives participants all the skills that they need to live in the woods for a short-medium term. Spend five days living in the woods, learning skills for large game butchery to basket making.

This course is all about unlocking your ability to thrive in a wilderness setting, it is not a test of endurance. We will provide you with food, water, tea, and coffee so you get the best possible outcome from this course. You will cook your own meals in your personal camp or around our communal fire, where we will spend the evenings winding down with a drink and a chat.

Weekend bushcraft course

Weekend bushcraft course

For more of an introduction into bushcraft try our weekend bushcraft course. This course runs from the Friday evening to the Sunday morning and is a great introduction to bushcraft as well as a way for more experienced practitioners to hone their skills. IOL accredited this course also provides you with an opportunity to come back and take your level two IOL accreditation.

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