Campfire Cooking Course – Level 3 NCFE Accredited


Campfire Cooking Course – Level 3 NCFE Accredited.

Our Campfire Cooking Course has been designed to teach you all you need to know about campfire cooking.


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Campfire Cooking Course – Level 3 NCFE Accredited.

Our Campfire Cooking Course has been designed to teach you all you need to know about campfire cooking. This campfire cooking course is accredited at level 3 by the NCFE so you can be sure that the quality of the teaching and overall subject matter is of the highest standard around.

Our weekend campfire cooking course covers baking, grilling, slow roasting and cooking under ground. You will also learn about how best to build your campfire for any given cooking method so you get the very best cooking conditions for the type of meal you are cooking.

Campfire cooking

Everything about this campfire cooking course is hands on. You will be taught how to cook in cast iron and be introduced to cooking underground in a pit. You will be creating a variety of dishes from fruit loaf to cakes, steaks and slowly roasted lamb. As well as this you will be preparing and cooking all the tasty side dishes to go with each meal and not forgetting some amazing sauces to really take your cooking further. You will not be going hungry on this course!

If you are a vegetarian don’t worry, there will be vegetarian friendly dishes as well as the meaty ones. No more burned burgers or over cooked veggie sausages in sight. The aim of this course is to give you the skills and confidence to be able to produce tasty, filling and wonderfully cooked meals over a camp fire.

Each campfire cooking session you will be guided through the process of lighting and building the correct type of fire, preparing the ingredients and then cooking up a storm before tucking in to your meal. Be prepared to eat a lot!

Cast Iron

As well as campfire cooking you will also be taught how to care for your cast iron cookware, to  ensure your equipment is kept in the very best conditions so you are ready to go next time you take to the campfire to cook up a feast!

All of the cooking equipment will be provided on the course and the course is fully catered as you would expect on a campfire cooking course!

You will also be able to camp in our woodland to fully make the most of your time with us on the campfire cooking course.

Dietary Requirements

NB- Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, whether you are vegetarian, vegan or have any allergies upon booking.

About the NCFE
Our qualification has been developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE demonstrating the quality and rigor.

NCFE is an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual), Wales (Qualifications Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). As there is no recognised Nationally Regulating Body, within Bushcraft, Survival and wilderness living Industry as such this is an unregulated qualification and is not a nationally recognised qualification. This qualification can be used to show learning and formal training at a given level.  

This qualification has been accredited as a Customised Qualification and we have benchmarked the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria at Level (using a national framework’s level descriptors) to allow you to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of study.


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26 – 28 April 24, 20 – 22 Sep 24


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