Land Navigation Course – NCFE Level 3 Accredited – Map Reading


Introduction to Navigation & Map Reading

Get stuck in on this exciting new course, it will be an immersive journey into the art of navigation and map reading in the fantastic setting of a deciduous woodland and its surrounding areas.

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Map Reading and Navigation Course

Land Navigation Course – NCFE L3 Accredited

Get stuck in on this exciting new map reading course, it will be an immersive journey into the art of navigation and map reading in the fantastic setting of a deciduous woodland and its surrounding areas. Led by Mark Dean, a former Royal Marine, Mountain Specialist and Wildway Bushcraft Lead Instructor  – this two-day course is designed to equip participants with essential skills to confidently navigate and explore nature’s untamed landscapes.

Day 1:

The map reading course begins with an introduction to the fundamental principles of navigation and map reading. Mark will share his wealth of experience in military navigation techniques, draw on his expertise in navigating diverse wilderness terrains worldwide. He will then will guide participants through the following topics:

Map Reading Course. Day 1

  1. Introduction to Wilderness Navigation: Understanding the importance of navigation skills in a wilderness environment, recognising different types of terrain, and assessing associated challenges.
  2. Topographic Maps and Compasses: Exploring the components of a topographic map, interpreting contour lines, understanding map scales, and utilising compasses for accurate navigation.
  3. Map Reading Orientation and Grid References: Learning techniques to orientate maps with the surrounding landscape, understanding grid references, and using them to pinpoint locations.
  4. Route Planning and Following: Developing strategies for effective route planning using maps, identifying prominent landmarks, and maintaining a steady bearing while traveling through unfamiliar terrain.

Map Reading Course. Day 2:

Building upon the foundational map reading knowledge gained on Day 1, participants will delve deeper into the practical application of navigation skills. Mark will take participants through hands-on exercises and immersive experiences, including:

  1. Dead Reckoning and Pace Counting: Mastering dead reckoning techniques to estimate distances traveled, incorporating pace counting as a supplementary method for tracking progress.
  2. Natural Navigation: Discovering the ancient art of using natural cues, such as celestial bodies, wind patterns, and plant life, to determine direction and navigate without solely relying on modern tools.
  3. Navigation in Challenging Conditions: Navigating in low visibility situations, such as fog or darkness, utilising techniques like night navigation, star navigation, and sound-based navigation.
  4. Practical Field Exercises: Engaging in practical scenarios and group challenges to reinforce navigation skills, promote teamwork, and enhance confidence in real-life wilderness situations.

Throughout the map reading course, Mark will be on hand to answer questions and provide extra help where needed, offering guidance and feedback to participants. By the end of the two-day program, participants will have acquired a solid foundation in navigation and map reading, enabling them to confidently explore and navigate the wilderness with greater self-reliance and safety.

Prerequisites: No previous navigation or map reading experience is required. Participants should have a moderate level of physical fitness and be prepared for outdoor activities in varying weather conditions.

So come and join us for this exciting map reading course, where you will unlock the secrets of the wilderness and discover the joys of self-guided exploration through the art of navigation.

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15-17th Sep 23, 19-21 July 24


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