Fire lighting in the wind and rain with Wildway Bushcraft

Lighting a Fire in Wind and Rain: Tips, Tricks and Cotton Wool

Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at fires, fire lighting…
October 10, 2017/by Tom Bowen
UK Bushcraft campfire cooking from Wildway Bushcraft

How to Cook for the Camp: An Intro to Eating Well Outdoors

Cooking for several people while at camp can be difficult task…
October 3, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Tarp and Hammock set up from Wildway Bushcraft Bushcraft in the UK

Tarp Set Ups for Solo Campers and Couples: What You Need to Know

Tarps are a lightweight and extremely versatile alternative to…
September 26, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Weekend Bushcraft Course

Organisation in Bushcraft and Camping: Fire, Food and Hygiene

Organising your camp, whether you’re practising bushcraft,…
September 19, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Bushcraft in the UK where to camp and where to build your shelter

Where to Camp? Tips for Tents and Shelters in the UK

How to choose the best place to build a shelter? What makes a…
September 12, 2017/by Tom Bowen
Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal

Making Charcoal Charcoal has a huge variety of uses, from purifying…
June 25, 2017/by John

River Spey Wildlife

Our next big expedition of 2017 will be the River Spey Bushcraft…
March 28, 2017/by John

Bushcraft Kit – 10 Items to always take with you.

Bushcraft Kit Now, I have been guilty of a never ending collection…
November 23, 2016/by John
bushcraft axe

Looking after your axe

It isn’t just enough to have the right tools for bushcraft,…
July 26, 2016/by John
natural navigation

Natural navigation

These days we tend to rely on using maps and technology to help…
June 17, 2016/by John
Toilet roll

Pooing in the woods

When you are out in the woods, you cannot rely on there being…
June 6, 2016/by John
Gadgets GPS

Surviving without gadgets

Could you survive out in the woods without any gadgets? What…
June 1, 2016/by John
Knife safety for children

Bushcraft knife safety for children

As a rule knives and children don't mix. But a knife is an important…
May 30, 2016/by John
Half-term bushcraft fun

Half-term bushcraft fun

It’s half-term coming up and there are lots of fantastic bushcraft…
May 27, 2016/by John
Knife safety

Knife safety tips

Being able to safely use a knife for bushcraft and survival tasks…
May 23, 2016/by John
Animal tracking

Animal tracking

Animal tracking is a fascinating way to study wildlife and a…
May 8, 2016/by John
bushcraft in spring - nettles

Bushcraft in spring

After the harshness of winter, spring provides a welcome change.…
March 1, 2016/by John
Leave no trace after camp fire is finished

Leave without a trace

One of the most important skills of bushcraft, is to leave no…
January 20, 2016/by John
Bushcraft and survival school

Tips for choosing a bushcraft and survival school

There are many bushcraft and survival schools offering a variety…
January 5, 2016/by John
Deciduous trees

Ten deciduous trees to look out for

Without their leaves, deciduous trees can be tricky to identify…
December 25, 2015/by John
Deciduous trees in winter

Guide to identifying deciduous trees

As some trees shed their leaves during the autumn and winter…
December 23, 2015/by John
Winter bushcraft

Winter bushcraft

Here at Wildway Bushcraft we are always keen to encourage everyone…
December 3, 2015/by John
Bushcraft stag do

Getting to grips with the longbow

If you have ever fancied unleashing your inner Robin Hood, why…
November 28, 2015/by John
Bow drill ember

Bow drill troubleshooting

The bow drill method of friction fire lighting is one of the…
November 15, 2015/by John
bushcraft axe

What to look for in a bushcraft axe

An axe is a popular and useful tool for bushcraft and is generally…
October 19, 2015/by John
Autumn foraging Hawthorn

Plants to forage this Autumn

At Wildway Bushcraft we enjoy the changing of seasons, especially…
September 3, 2015/by John
bushcraft a family guide

Bushcraft: A family guide

If you want to learn more about what outdoor adventures you can…
July 8, 2015/by John
Responsible bushcraft

Responsible Bushcraft

If you have caught the bushcraft bug and keen to get outside and set…
May 27, 2015/by John
Bushcraft items

Top 10 Bushcraft Items

When you are going on a bushcraft trip, whether it’s a short…
May 12, 2015/by John

Autumn Foraging

We all have the capacity to feed ourselves from our natural environment…
May 3, 2015/by John
Seashore Foraging

Seashore Foraging

Seashore foraging is the art of finding food on the beach. As…
January 29, 2015/by John
Canoe Bushcraft

Bushcraft Canoe Expedition

Week-long canoeing trips - the next step in your bushcraft adventures Most…
January 19, 2015/by John

Bear Blades Forest 3 Review

A while ago I was asked to be part of the test team for Bear…
October 7, 2014/by John

UK Knife Law

It is important to know and understand the current laws on buying…
September 4, 2014/by John

Bushcraft weather skills

One thing that we definitely have in the UK is weather - and…
August 27, 2014/by John
Bushcraft fire

Bushcraft Vs Survival

What’s the difference? Many places offer bushcraft and survival…
July 15, 2014/by John

Natural Cordage

Natural cordage is both vital to survival skills and a satisfying…
July 1, 2014/by John

DD Tarp Review

I often get asked about what kit I use when running bushcraft…
May 28, 2014/by John

How to skin and butcher a rabbit

On our Bushcraft courses we teach game preparation and get students…
May 19, 2014/by John


Who doesn’t want to believe they could survive in the wild?…
May 14, 2014/by John

Friction Fire Lighting

An essential survival skill and a great learning experience Four…
May 1, 2014/by John

Feather Sticks

In the bushcraft world, fire is one of the main things people…
April 24, 2014/by John

Bushcraft Bannock Bread

Coming from the Gaelic bannach, bonnach or bhannag meaning 'morsel',…
April 17, 2014/by John
fire skills

Bushcraft Fire Skills

To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything…
March 6, 2014/by John

Who would have thought teaching could be so fun!

So it's been busy busy busy here! I had my first bushcraft teaching…
March 4, 2014/by John

First trip of the year

Last weekend I took my first trip out of the new year and ventured…
March 4, 2014/by John